Leadership Essentials Program
Redefine and evolve what leadership means for your organization

Our Leadership Essentials program is co-designed with you, our partner, leveraging our experience in training 1000+ participants into full-fledged leaders. Together, we co-create the most transformational participant journey along 3 dimensions: skills, mindset and culture.

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For whom

People Lead, High Potential Manager


A 6 to 9-month journey made of multiple modules addressing the various components of leadership


In-room, virtual or hybrid: modules of max. 2 days

Leadership essentials
 Program Outcomes:

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Be unique

Self-awareness, self-empowerment, emotional intelligence, authenticity

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Relate to others

New levels of trust, psychological safety and performance in teams

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Act with integrity

Engage in healthy debates and productive conflicts for maximum engagement

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Apply integral thinking

Scale your leadership to lead entire organisations

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Jointly with Human-Centric Leaders I was able to design and implement a new group-wide Leadership Program that builds the backbone and essential foundation for creating our aspired leadership culture. I feel a sincere and very high sense of co-ownership from the Human-Centric Leaders for making this aspiration become reality and for creating the transformational impact
reto schmid hcl
Reto Schmid
Former Head of Learning & Development, Zühlke Consulting AG
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Your Participant journey

The Leadership Essentials program unfolds over a a course of four to eight months and can be delivered online, in-room or in hybrid mode. Modules that build on each other are typically held over 2 days (2 * 5 hours if virtual). Individual coaching sessions and leadership assessments may be added to maximize participants’ awareness of self and others.
The program is integrated to our partner’s L&D platform and HR career path. Learning materials are supplied with our partner’s brand and logo. Below is an example of a program outline:


  • Definition of your Personal Growth Plan with management / HR
  • Intention setting
  • Core terminology
  • Leadership Role models

Leader of self

  • Leadership dimensions
  • Self-discovery: needs, values, purpose
  • Centering and leadership under stress
  • Executive presence, assertiveness, and Leadership in front

Leader of collaboration & Performance

  • Leadership styles of delegation
  • Leader as a Coach
  • Contracting conversations
  • Reactive / Creative Leadership in teams
  • Leadership challenge: intention and impact
  • Trust & performance in teams
  • Feed forward

Leader of conflict navigation & growth

  • Assumptions & biases
  • Navigating difficult conversations
  • Naming, listening and aligning in conflict
  • Team toxins & antidotes
  • Accountability for performance

Leader of Diversity & Transformation

  • Finding value in content & character
  • Change roles
  • Theory U
  • Acknowledgment

The Leadership essentials Program Experience

In order to induce impactful and lasting behavioral change, we must evolve both skill set and mindset.
Our leadership program will yield a ‘system upgrade’ of your leadership.
This is the groundwork for becoming a truly high-performing leader with:

leadership essentials program experience
  • Awareness: greater insights around all dimensions of leadership (beliefs, behavior, impact)
  • Coaching attitude: shape a work environment where people are at their best and step up to their potential; delegate responsibility
  • Purpose: drive and unite team members around an explicit common purpose
  • Culture role-modeling: promote trust, transparency, and collaboration
  • Change agency: lead teams through VUCA times; are a model of resilience
  • Feel more courageous to speak up and name things
  • Take more ownership and initiative
  • Develop powerful new habits of communication and collaboration
  • Scale the learning by applying tools and frameworks to support continuous individual and collective growth

Our Leadership Essentials program is integrated into two Global Executive MBA courses. Please discover how alumni speak about the impact of the program on them:

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