Inclusive Leadership in the Workplace
Define what being inclusive means in
the context of your organization

Gain a deeper awareness of what Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) means in your multi-cultural context, expand your inclusive leadership, and unleash the potential for mindset change and transformation.

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For whom

Leaders who want to create spaces for difficult conversation around identity, discrimination, equity, and inclusion, L&D program leaders who want to promote a foundational training across the organization


a 3-day complete workshop or (combinable) 3-hour modules for a customized program


In room, virtual or hybrid

Inclusive leadership

Program Outcomes

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Navigate difficult dialogues

Facilitate meaningful and powerful dialogues where value can be felt above differences in opinion or identities

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Establish a common vocabulary

Utilize vocabulary and terminology and expand meaning around DEI-related concepts that work in the business context

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Define what identity means for your organization

Create spaces where everyone may claim their identities and learn to champion inclusivity

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Establish powerful alliances

Co-create and uphold rules of engagement where multiple expressions and identities are not only protected, but valued and empowered in team settings

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Be yourself!

Express an authentic voice and message despite the biases we may encounter

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I had the privilege of participating in the Inclusive Leadership in the Workplace workshop offered by Ecole des Ponts Business School, and it was truly transformative. The program provided invaluable insights and practical strategies to enhance my leadership capabilities and promote inclusivity within my work environment. From fostering open dialogue on diversity, equity, and inclusion to refining my leadership approach to create truly inclusive environments, the course equipped me with the tools needed to drive positive change. Importantly, I found that many of these tools and principles could be applied not only in the workplace but also in our personal lives, enriching relationships and fostering understanding beyond professional settings. I highly recommend this course to anyone committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity in both their personal and professional spheres.
djane vasconselos
Djane Vasconcelos
Business Developer PLACE network
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When identities are being either claimed or discriminated against and when Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) can be perceived as a new fad used by businesses to be compliant, it is the role of leaders to take a stand for inclusivity, for the sake of richness, transformation and business performance. Coming out of this course, you will be able to create spaces in the workplace where inclusion can not only be operationalized, but felt and encouraged by everyone.

Through this course, you will develop a deeper understanding of the multiple definitions and variations of identity. Rather than shying away from conversations where multiple perspectives may clash, you will learn to encourage a co-existence of multiple perspectives that can open the door to new ways of doing and thinking. Lastly, you will increase your awareness of how privilege, biases, and prejudices play out at work and know how to develop your own executive presence and inspire your collaborators to show up and deliver their message authentically.

Our last open workshop on the theme of Inclusive Leadership, in partnership with École des Ponts Business School
took place on February 29 and March 1, 2024 in Paris and was a huge success!

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