Individual Leadership Assessments
Transform your leadership DNA

Consciously unleash the full potential of your leadership! The Leadership Circle Profile® (LCP) assessment reveals behaviors, blind spots, level of consciousness and leadership style in direct relation to the performance of the organization. The LCP assessment may be performed as a self-assessment or as a 360° assessment.

individual leadership assessments
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For whom

Seasoned executives, team leaders and managers


Self-assessment OR 360° automated feedback followed by 2 debrief sessions of 1.5 to 2 h with a certified LCP coach


In room, virtual or hybrid

Individual Leadership Assessments

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Address and overcome

reactive limiting beliefs that prevent inner transformation

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creative mindsets and behaviors that will multiply your impact

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consciously as the driving force behind your ability to lead

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the most impactful part of your leadership and set the standard for the people you lead

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Your Journey as a coachee

The individual Leadership assessment is a journey made of a 360° assessment involving various stakeholders that last one month followed by 2 debrief sessions available in multiple languages.

DEPARTURE Alignment sessions

  • Sessions are defined to align assessment objectives between coachee, manager and HR business partner. A specific focus is put on background and current context of the coachee. 

Month 1 360° feedback

  • The LCP invites you and evaluators of your choice to complete a detailed 360° assessment , providing feedback on key dimensions of your leadership, such as vision, collaboration, empowerment, and more. 

month 2 LCP Debrief Sessions

  • Our certified LCP coaches will thoroughly analyze your results and provide you with an in-depth debriefing to help you gain clarity on your leadership strengths, opportunities for development, and strategies to enhance your effectiveness. 

month 3+ Coaching Journey

  • A coaching journey follows the initial assessment, with moments of dialogue midway, then at the end with manager and/or HR.
    A possible “retake” of the assessment is advised after 18 months.

Example of 360° Evaluation Process

exemple of 360 evalution process

Collective Leadership Assessments Evolve and scale Your Organization!

Consciously unleash the full potential of your organization! The Collective Leadership Assessment® (CLA) reveals the current mindset pervasive to the culture of your organization, the dream culture your collaborators would like to be in and the gap to get there. CLA is the optimal approach to define an impactful leadership program by capitalizing on your current leadership culture.

collective leadership scale

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