Wellbeing and Mental Health
Perform in the storm

Incorporate the latest research and best practices of time- and energy management to ensure your employees are equipped to take care of their own wellbeing – and to help others do the same – as this is the underpinning of sustainable team performance.

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For whom

Seasoned executives, managers, team leads – anyone wishing to improve their own work-life balance and to serve as health role models, HR managers interested in establishing a corporate culture of wellbeing


Comprehensive 2-day workshop or tailored half- or full-day training with selected topics


In room or virtual

'Perform in the Storm' Outcomes

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Mental shift

Instead of reacting to acute stress when facing challenges, proactively manage four different energy sources to achieve and maintain high productivity

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Symptoms of stress

Recognize them in self & others, and address them by alternating phases of engagement and relaxation, to reach optimum energy levels.

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Powerful conversations

Practice how to talk with team members about the topic of wellbeing and learn how to create and promote an environment that supports such open exchanges in the team.

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5 Keys

Use five key techniques in everyday life to increase focus in performance situations, regenerate quickly, and improve your ability to center & calm yourself.

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Learn how the right ones - with the right mindset - can help you to achieve any desired behavioral change

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It was a great workshop that connected current scientific insights into the human psychology with actual techniques that can be applied and easily implemented to improve not only the work, but rather the whole life.
University of Bonn
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Great experience - I can highly recommend this workshop.
PowerCoders NGO Bern
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Thanks for the course, I really learned a lot. The course highly exceeded my expectations, and I think I learned some stuff that could be useful not only during my PhD but also during my life. Very good pace and break management!
University of Zurich
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The “Perform in the Storm” program introduces participants to a new paradigm which focuses not merely on managing stress but rather on distinguishing four different sources of energy, which – together – both determine employee wellbeing and fuel high performance.

Four sources of energy form the basis of wellbeing and fuel high performance
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Pulsing & Timeboxing: to sustain high levels of performance, you must rhythmically spend and renew energy

At the core of course is the idea that instead of working straight through for 8 to 9 hours during a work day before relaxing afterwards, employees should alternate spending and renewing energy throughout the day to sustain higher levels of performance. This idea is buttressed by scientific research and has been proven in practice by world-class athletes, musicians, and high-performing teams in various industries.

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