Innovation Leadership & Intrapreneurship
Unlock the mindset of innovation
within your organization

While many programs train participants on how to become entrepreneurs, very few teach how to innovate within the context of a business organization. Why? Because despite what the management says, the culture of your organization might not be ready to welcome innovation. Being an intrapreneur requires – beyond creativity – courage, diplomatic skills, and the ability to engage the entire organization in your vision

innovation leadership

For whom

L&D managers and change managers who want to promote innovation, Leaders in organizations who want to bring disruptive change


Up to 4 modules of 2 days each, or customized combination of separate modules


In room, virtual or hybrid

Innovation Leadership & intrapreneurship Program Outcomes

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Embodiment of an intrapreneurial mindset

Learn to master the 5 traits of intrapreneurs and receive peer feedback on how you display them in the field

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Collaborative intrapreneurship

Foster dynamics of innovative teams moving from prototyping to industrialization

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Navigation of the organizational system

Manage adverse stakeholders, unify collaborators under your vision and, together with with top management, define what the most optimal way is for your organization to budget and deploy innovation

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Change the culture from the inside

Identify the cultural undercurrents for or against innovation at your company and devise the related change strategy to leverage or address it

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“I learned the key traits of innovation leadership and that you don't need to have all of them - it is the team's unique combination that makes innovation.”

“After the program I had to shift gear, embrace ambiguity and face my fears - which I didn't know I had. Love the rapid, learning-by-doing approach and finding out about the attributes of innovation leaders. It's all in the attitude, and practice!”
Participants of the Global Talent Program at Zühlke AG
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Innovation Leadership & Intrapreneurship

Participants embark on a 6-month journey where both being and doing are equally balanced. “Being” segments are here to train the stance and mindset of an Intrapreneur while the “Doing” segments put into practice design-thinking tools to propel innovation.

Core Leadership Skills

  • Situational Leadership: knowing what the best style to use is, based on the context
  • Self-awareness: knowing my triggers and tools for recovery
  • Self-authority: knowing my strengths and needs in the context of innovation

Innovation Leadership Skills

  • Case Study: how intrapreneurs express the 5 attributes of Innovation Leadership
  • Real Case: experiment with the 5 attributes in a fast-paced/live scenario
  • Facilitating divergent/convergent meetings

Co-leadership for Innovation

  • How to manage team dynamics and behaviors in innovative programs
  • How to manage antagonistic stakeholders that kill innovation and reinforce behaviours that foster it
  • How to realign teams around a common objective despite VUCA

Innovative Organization Leadership Skills

  • How to best transition ideas and innovation to business units or to the market in an intrapreneur context
  • How to have an impact as an Innovative Leader inside and outside the organization
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