Customized Training Programs
Develop skills and talents fitting the needs of your business

Thanks to our 10 years of expertise in designing and delivering workshops, courses, programs and team journeys, we have developed, tested and refined a wide library of activities, training segments and modules suiting most business needs.

customized training

For whom

L&D Managers, HR leaders


Modules of variable sizes and scope integrated to your learning platform


In room, virtual or hybrid

Customized Training Programs Outcomes:

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Adapted to your context

Terminology, activities, and format of programs fit the culture and mindset of your organization

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We aren’t your supplier, you aren’t our client!

Programs are co-designed and co-created with you, our partner. Fast iterative feedback loops help us deliver an optimal participant experience

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All our programs may be co-facilitated with the talented coaches and facilitators of your organization. We are ready to share all the secrets that turn our workshops into magical experiences!

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I have been working with the Human-Centric Leaders. Trust is the term that best explains their position in our organization. We, including our leadership team, know that the team transformations, workshops, training and coaching we do with HCL are always successful, meet the intended purpose and often even more. I personally experience our relationship as a true partnership rather than a service contract: we gently co-design and co-facilitate - always with the best for our company, our teams and the individuals involved. When you subscribe to HCL, you get more than a few coaches, you get a mindset, a passion and a human-centered soul.
christina landgraf
Christina Landgraf
Head of Transformation & Talent, Swiss Life Asset Managers AG , GROW Leadership program
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Our Most popular Modules

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Leading Through Trust & Conflict

Managing a tricky client, giving a colleague feedback about their behavior: the things that have the biggest impact on your day-to-day life rely on your ability to have conversations that feel uncomfortable or risky. The good news is that the skill of having difficult conversations can be learned. Whilst having difficult conversations may feel hard at times, those courageous conversations hold the greatest potential for creating positive change.

Wellbeing and Mental Health (perform in the storm)

This program brings together the latest research and best practices of time and energy management to ensure your employees are well set to take care of their own wellbeing, which underlies their performance.

offering wellbeing
offering leardership workplace

Inclusive Leadership in the workplace

Gain a deeper awareness of what Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) means in your multi-cultural context, expand your inclusive leadership, and unleash the potential for mindset change and transformation.

Innovation Leadership & Intrapreneurship

While many programs train participants on how to become entrepreneurs, very few teach how to innovate within the context of a business organization. Why? Because despite what the management says, the culture of your organization might not be ready to welcome innovation. Being an intrapreneur requires – beyond creativity – courage, diplomatic skills and the ability to engage the entire organization in your vision.

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Coaching superpowers / Co-facilitation superpowers

Experiment with practical coaching tools and their application, and embrace a growth mindset. Practice coaching skills with real work life topics, and leave the workshop ready to have impactful coaching conversations with colleagues and employees. 

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