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about our approach

We use a holistic approach to leadership and team development…

Most transformation efforts fail to achieve the desired results because they focus primarily on behavioral and organizational aspects. However, lasting behavioral transformation requires a change in mindset and culture (Ken Wilber), aspects we put at the very heart of the development journey we design for you.

hcl holisitic approach

..that combines individual change with systemic change...

True transformation can only be achieved by working both at the system level, where the power of the collective can be harnessed, and at the individual level, where habitual believes, patterns, and behaviors can be upgraded to new levels of performance.

...and is built around experiential learning and our clients’ real-life situation.

All our trainings and workshops rely on learning through experience and on the direct application of newly learned tools and skills to real-life challenges of our clients.

kolbs adult learning circle

In all the work we do, we follow a coaching philosophy.

We help our participants realize their full potential and always aim to find the optimal balance between challenge and support to maximize their growth.

coaching philosophy

Our team workshops are


We co-lead all our workshops and programs. Two coaches are simultaneously and seamlessly guiding participants through their experience, allowing for a better facilitator/participant ratio, a wider range of experiences shared, and for modeling co-leadership at its very best. 


In our workshops, participants experience real AHA-moments that are transformational. We help you raise the level of consciousness of your leadership teams, so they can bring about the organizational change you seek. We propagate a common vocabulary that further reinforces the desired cultural change.

team workshop compo

Participants directly apply their learning on real current issues they face in their role. Every exercise is debriefed towards immediate application in their day-to-day. We adapt the design on the fly to whatever is needed most in the moment.


We model full-permission leadership, give honest feedback, and coach participants in real time. We create psychological safety that allows participants to show up authentically. We hold participants in their fullest potential, always aiming to strike the right balance between challenge and support to further their growth. We engage with contradictions easily and help our clients balance polarities and cope with ambiguity. 


New skills and mindsets can best be developed by experiencing them, trying them out and becoming aware of the impact they create in the moment. We let you step into new ways of leading by experimenting and observing what worked and what didn’t. We design and deliver our team journeys based on a deep understanding of the latest research in adult learning, catering to participants’ varying learning styles. 

Examples of the format of
our learning experiences

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Some of the methods
our coaches are certified in

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certificate of co active leadership

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