Executive & Leadership Coaching Programs
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Personalized Human-Centric Leaders (HCL) coaching allows you to lead with empowerment, responsibility and impact. Navigate your distinct leadership journey with a trusted sparring partner/coach. Scale your leadership!

executive leadership coaching programs

For whom

Seasoned executives, team leaders and managers


Coaching Sessions of 60’ to 90’, every 3 weeks over a period of 6 months = 6 to 10 sessions


In room, virtual or hybrid

Executive Coaching Outcomes:

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Self-Awareness and Growth

Address blind spots, develop critical leadership areas

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Enhanced Leadership Effectiveness

Continuous support to implement real change and elevate your leadership impact

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Gain clarity on future outcomes and impact for you, your team and your organization

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Sustainable Transformation

Ensure sustainable growth through stretching your limits, and holding yourself accountable for change

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Leadership coaching by the Human-Centric Leaders has transformed my life forever. Thanks to our work together, I've managed to reach the executive level I was dreaming of. At the time when I was thinking of giving up, you believed in me and made me realize that there was so much more to me that I didn't know.  HCL coaches are magicians and have also become dear mentors, friends and a constant source of inspiration.  I’m filled with deep gratitude.
mariano alonso
Mariano Alonso
Vice-President General Manager, THE NORTH FACE EMEA
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Your Executive & Leadership Coaching
Journey as Participant

Our coaching programs are based on co-active coaching, an approach of coaching that enables coachees to anchor their learning and activate transformation. Our PCC/MCC coaches are all ICF-certified and adhere to the ICF code of ethics.

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Our co-active coaching approach originates from CTI, the Co-active Training Institute®, and is based on time-tested scientific principles.

  • “Co” represents the importance of how we are being – the attitudes and beliefs below our behaviors.
  • “Active” is the doing – the outwardly visible actions we take (ideally) toward the outcomes we desire

The co-active coaching approach invites you to consciously choose both how you are being and what you are doing, leading to positive and sustainable impact.

Our HCL coaches…

  • create powerful alliances with coachees that identify precisely which realistic goals will be addressed
  • include all relevant stakeholders (i.e. manager, HR, direct reports, etc), in clear communication about coaching objectives to be reached
  • coach towards scale – magnify the impact while understanding the coachee’s context and surrounding dynamics
  • evoke future mindset and behavioral change while leveraging adult development theory
  • understand – as coaches – our own sensitivities and humanness, and create an eye-to-eye partnership with coachees
  • coach at the growth edge, even when it’s not comfortable

Example of a Coaching Program Journey

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